You might have noticed by now, we aren't ones to shy away from pink just because it has a reputation of being too girly. If you noticed then kudos. 

We are all about girl power and we have learnt to practice what we preach by ignoring the bad connotations of all things girly.  It is obvious pink is not a color only meant for girls. It is meant for women too. Oh and of course the masculine gender as well. (don't worry we don't discriminate). 

If you have also noticed we like unusual silhouettes and prints... yours is the BINGO. like this dome printed geometric lines. We suppose if you are as complicated as we are you would call it the same thing. But folks of simpler more relaxed thoughts just simply call it lines.  BUT... We, we at good girl rebel call it Geometric Dome Lines.

But what ever you call it. We must all admit that interesting minimalist silhouettes, simple geometric links and attention grabbing pink color is one we would not quickly turn our backs on. 

Happy Monday Girl Rebels



All white everything is one that minimalists associate and relate with. This season we are completely biased towards minimalist silhouette and you should be too. It is not just a trend, it is a life style to exemplifies a life free of clutter

Look, it is not our job to fix your life in its entirety, but it is our job to fix your wardrobe. 


1.)Do a thorough spring cleaning:  

Yes we know vintage is in vogue and you never know when things are coming back in style and becoming re-trended. We might not know that but we are certain you really do not need all those clutter and we are sure most of those clothes need to go bye-bye. 

2.)    Re-Organize your wardrobe.

There is nothing to give you the feeling of a fresh start more than moving things around and deciding on a new system to organize things. Re-organizing and changing your system/the places of things, makes everything feel new. So even if you weren't splurging on a new wardrobe. You still feel pretty good. (Also it helps with re-discovering that skirt you forgot you had. BINGO!!!)

3.) Trend Check but don't over trend

This is one of our biggest holy grail. It is good to be trendy, up to date etc. but don't make your wardrobe all about the trends. Trust us, it spells for a bank account disaster in the future. Except if you have a heavy bank account of course. We suggest you figure out key trendy and versatile pieces to keep you up to date regardless on what season it is. 

4.) Develop a new sense of style:

Individuality is key to dressing your personality and we are big on that. it isn't that we hate trends, it is just that it does not last and with every changing season comes changing trends/clothes that makes no sense anymore and a quickly diminishing bank account. Also there is that issue of uniformity... Now THAT we abhor.  Be different, keep people guessing don't over trend in such a way that anyone who sees you knows exactly where you shopped, how much you paid and 50 million people on your street with the same trend/clothes (Okay we exaggerate but you get the point)

5.) Shop smart:

Remember a few years back in the beginning of this article? we talked about minimalism. Not only is it trendy but it is classy, effortless and completely flattering and appealing. Another awesome thing is you cannot go wrong and if you love statement pieces fear not you can vamp it up as much as you want. 

Therefore Good Girl Rebels remember to dress your personality and never ever over-trend. 

Happy Saturday



It might have snowed on the first day of spring... forget that the birds are chirping and the squirrels have found their way down the trees. The snow might make you forget the telling signs of spring; but we won't especially not with Yummy pastel colored dresses staring at us. 


Pink on Pink might not be the order of the day. but we have it on good authority that Pastel pinks are exceptions. We totally endorse a rebellious spirit. Whether you prefer to mix match or simply pair with more pastel pinks it is up to you. Just know you might look like a big yummy walking macaroons. 


If our hinting at macaroons and the use of trigger words like "Yummy" was not clear enough. It is safe to say that we love love this dress for a number of reasons. 

1. Yummy color

2. Silhouette

3. Minimalist appeal