suit set


You might have noticed by now, we aren't ones to shy away from pink just because it has a reputation of being too girly. If you noticed then kudos. 

We are all about girl power and we have learnt to practice what we preach by ignoring the bad connotations of all things girly.  It is obvious pink is not a color only meant for girls. It is meant for women too. Oh and of course the masculine gender as well. (don't worry we don't discriminate). 

If you have also noticed we like unusual silhouettes and prints... yours is the BINGO. like this dome printed geometric lines. We suppose if you are as complicated as we are you would call it the same thing. But folks of simpler more relaxed thoughts just simply call it lines.  BUT... We, we at good girl rebel call it Geometric Dome Lines.

But what ever you call it. We must all admit that interesting minimalist silhouettes, simple geometric links and attention grabbing pink color is one we would not quickly turn our backs on. 

Happy Monday Girl Rebels



Printed fashion has been an on going trend. Prints from clouds to stars and splashes has found their way into our fashion hearts. So in that spirit why not add a little fun print for the child at heart. The mickey, boomerang and kiss/lip print on this dress is so subtle it is intelligent for even the serious woman. 

There for GGR girls. Have some fun.