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le palais vintage black retro velvet tutu skirt -dahlia

le palais vintage black retro velvet tutu skirt -dahlia

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The charming and sad aura of the black dahlia is so beautiful 1950s Hollywood actress-style suits available for purchase separately The jacket fabric is made of thickened brocade + velvet. The flowers are woven from yarn and are three-dimensional and lifelike. The luster of the dark red flowers will appear more three-dimensional under the light and carry their own fragrance. Regular thin jacket without cotton The shawl collar common in old pictorials is classic and elegant. The pleated collar not only highlights the waist but also makes the face smaller. No matter how you wear the small waist skirt design, you will still have a waist. Velvet tutu skirt without bustle. The fabric itself is very thick, slightly stiff, and has a fluffy feel. It is a classic and timeless pleated skirt with a large skirt. It can be paired with various jackets in autumn and winter. Black is also very sexy and not attractive. This kind of tutu skirt is the most popular item in Winny’s wardrobe. It can be worn in various styles with various changes. This is a limited supply. No refunds. Just one batch. If you like it, hurry up and buy it.



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