It all started when… 

(The Planet asked for our help !!! )

We care about the environment. ......

With Increase in consumerism, The World saw Increase in wasted resources and over production.

To Reduce our footprint, we take many measures to ensure our part in a healthier planet and humans.

1.) Reduced Packaging Materials and Printing

2.) Small Team = Small Space

3.) Small Space = Little Physical Inventory

3.) Little Physical Inventory  = Your Orders are processed through the brand when placed.

What does this mean? 

This means that we are curtailing on the over production and overstocking of items, which could go useless if not sold or used. 

This means that YES! You will have to be patient to receive your order. 

(We generally ship within our shipping window as stated in our shipping policy)

This means we are generally slower in shipping orders compared to other stores. Which means slower business... But we are okay with this. Because the future is important to us. 

What is important is the Quality and uniqueness we will deliver to you, should you decide to give us a try.... Slow or Not.